Cooking functions

ClimaPlus: Active climate management that continuously measures and regulates the humidity in the cooking chamber and ensures high productivity, high quality and low energy consumption thanks to the efficient dehumidification function. Humidity adjustment is made in 10% steps and can be monitored on the digital screen for precise manual cooking
> Dynamic air circulation in the cooking cabinet, with 5 manually programmable fan wheel speeds and 3 high performance fan wheels that can be changed direction, Maximum cooking results from optimum energy efficiency and short cooking times occur.
> High performance steam generator providing optimum steam output even at low temperatures below 100 °C
> Maintenance-free, integrated oil evacuation system that does not require additional grease filters
> Cooling function that allows rapid cooling of the cooking chamber with the help of the fan
> Core temperature measurement via the core temperature sensor and optional positioning aid (accessory)
> Delta for very careful cooking with minimum waste T cooking
> Digital temperature display can be set in °C or °F, desired value and actual value display
> Digital cooking chamber humidity and time display, set value and actual value display
> 100 cooking programs with one or more stages, including up to 12 steps can be created
> Individual adjustment of the cooking parameters of the duration, temperature and humidity of a program step in ongoing operation
> Easy transfer of cooking programs to other cooking systems via USB stick
> Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system, spray pattern can be adjusted as shower and single jet.
> Energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lighting that reflects colors realistically in the cooking chamber so that the condition of the material can be seen immediately
> Free call center (ChefLine) for technical and application support questions

Operational and operational safety

> Electronic safety temperature limiter for steam generator and hot air heater
> Integrated fan brake
> Use of Active Green cleaning tablets and care tablets (solid cleaning agents) for optimum occupational safety
> HACCP data memory and transfer via USB
> National and international standards for unattended use > Maximum shelf height 1.60 m, rail distance 62 mm when using RATIONAL mobile
tray stand with 20 shelves(USPHS approval revoked)

Network connection

> Integrated USB interface with IP protection for local data exchange
> Integrated Ethernet interface with IP protection as an option
> Integrated WLAN interface as an option (with Ethernet interface)

Cleaning and maintenance

> Automatic cleaning and maintenance system for the cooking cabinet and steam generator independent of the water mains pressure
> Care-System: The steam generator is automatically cleaned and descaled
> 4 different cleaning programs for unattended cleaning, even at night
> Easy and intuitive use of cleaning programs: Selected cleaning display of the program, the recommended tablet amount and the remaining cleaning time
> Safe termination of cleaning with a cooking cabinet that does not contain any cleaning agent after a power cut
> Use of Active Green cleaning tablets and Care tablets that do not contain phosphate and phosphorus
> Double ventilated unit with rear ventilation and inner glass that can be rotated for easy cleaning gate
> Interior and exterior materials DIN 1.4301 stainless steel, seamless hygiene cooking cabinet with rounded corners and optimized air circulation
> Simple and safe exterior cleaning with glass and stainless steel surfaces, as well as protection against splash water from all directions thanks to the IPX5 protection class


> 4.3 inch TFT color screen and intuitive on-screen buttons. Operating modes and functions are visually highlighted
> Easy operation and precise settings with the help of the push-button central dial
> Audible and visual warnings when user intervention is required
> Air extraction and condensation hoods (accessories) where the suction power is adjusted according to the situation and service data transfer.

Installation, maintenance and environment

> Professional installation by RATIONAL certified technicians is recommended
> Fixed drain connection is allowed according to SVGW
> Adaptation to the installation site (altitude above sea level) with automatic calibration
> No water softening system in use and no need for manual descaling
> Wall-mounted installation *
> Double glazed cooking cabinet door, with integrated sealing mechanism for minimum energy losses
> Service diagnostic system with automatic service message display
> Regular maintenance is recommended. Maintenance by RATIONAL service partners according to manufacturer recommendations
> 2 years RATIONAL warranty** on new devices (including parts, labor and transportation)
> * For detailed information, see p. Installation guide and Designer guide
> ** The provisions of the manufacturer’s warranty statement apply, see fig.

Optional options

> MarineLine – Ship version
> SecurityLine – Prison and security version
> MobilityLine – Mobile version (can be ordered as a separate accessory)
> HeavyDutyLine – Extremely durable version
> Integrated oil drain
> Door safety lock
> Potential-free contact for connection to an external signaling unit
> Control protection for screen
> Lockable control screen
> Connection of energy optimization system
> Integrated Ethernet interface with IP protection
> Integrated WLAN interface (with Ethernet interface)


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