General features

• 7” Color Touch Control Panel

• Adjustable flame length (0-10 ) on the screen

• Adjustable table speed from the screen (0-10)

• Upper temperature set value and upper temperature display

• Lower temperature set value and lower temperature display

• Going to sleep in the oven standby mode

• Determination of maximum lower and upper temperature

•Determining the minimum lower and upper temperature

Adjustable cooking temperature between 0° C – 400° C and

digital indicator

•450°C limit thermostat

•220 V. 50/60 Hz. Working Power

Ability to work with LPG and NG

•450 mm oven interior height

•500×215 mm door size

Thermal stabilization for fast and efficient cooking


•Thermostatic heating

• Rotating base providing homogeneous cooking

• Refractory Baking Stone

•Stone Dome Inner Chamber


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