500 plates/hour
With drainage pump
Body, chassis panel and heater boiler are made of stainless steel.
The washing tank is filled automatically and has a fixed level control.
Washing and rinsing water temperature is continuously and automatically controlled by two independent thermostats for proper washing and rinsing.
Electrical components and cables comply with international standards and safety regulations.
All parts are easily accessible and can be controlled for quick and efficient operation.
Fully automatic washing at 55 °C with a washing period of 2 minutes.
Rinsing with hot water is done at 80 – 85 °C.
It comes with the door safety button.

Max. power 5050 watts

With 380/400 V, 50/60 Hz energy option


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ჭურჭლის სარეცხი მანქანა ჭურჭლის სარეცხი მანქანა &#8211...