Stainless steel exterior and interior body,

Patented aesthetic design,

Wide internal volume,

All doors with anti drop heating elements,

Unbreakable Zamak door hinges,

Self closing doors which can be free standing at 45°,

“Ozone friendly” polyurethane insulation (60 mm thickness),

Plastic coated adjustable interior shelves,

Energy saving high insulated body with 40 kg/m³ density,

CFC free, R-404 A refrigerant gas,

Ventilated, removable compressor,

Gas condensation container,

Cooling with fan,

Bottom located, high efficient cooling unit,

Unoxidized antibacterial painted, evaporator with copper pipe and aluminum panel,

With expansion valf and heating element system avoiding evaporator blockage,

Stainless steel evaporator panel,

Operating temperature between -22°C and -18°C (43°C tropical),

Electronically controlled temperature and defrost indicator,

Curved interior bottom body,


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